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What is Skin Rejuvenation ?

Common tattoo removal techniques are: Laser Surgery, Dermabrasion, Surgical Removal.

Fractional Q switch Laser is used in this treatment which is safe, secure and also lead to positive results. This treatment has been particularly developed for the tattoo removal procedure, leaving behind no scars or any un-pigmented parts of the skin. This procedure is initiated by using the laser high energy penetrates through the skin and breaks up the tattoo ink in to small particles which are absorbed by the skin. As one may feel a bit of soreness or uneasiness, a local anesthetic is used to reduce the pain.

This particular treatment can be a little painful as the expert will break off the skin comprising the tattoo, in tiny parts. The skin is scrapped off in layers until the tattoo becomes invisible. Usually the scrapping takes part in the upper layers so that the new skin grows back from beneath, replacing the first layer. This treatment is conducted under partial anesthesia but requires you to consult an expert before opting for the same so you do not regret your decision later.

If you want to get riddance from your existing tattoo, this method is also in use. The procedure is initiated by cleaning and sterilizing the tattoo covered portion of the skin. A scalpel is used to remove the pigmented area of skin and the blood vessels are singed to curtail the bleeding. After this, the ends of the wound are stitched together over this tissue to speed up the healing process. One may not get anxious during this process as it carried out under the influence of an anesthesia, which suppresses the pain of the same.

Tattoo ink seen as a foreign body in the skin layer. Laser light targets the pigment in the ink that causes photo acoustic fragmentation of the ink particles. These particles are removed by phagocytes and drained out of the body through the lymphatic system. There will be redness and swelling and a white frosting over the tattoo straight after treatment.

This is perfectly normal and indicates the treatment has picked up the ink. The area may then scab over and could take up to 2weeks to fully heal. Your laser specialist will discuss aftercare with you. The treatment may be uncomfortable, the sensation is similar to that of getting a tattoo. We are able to offer numbing cream prior to treatment if required.

PREACUATIONS - Prior to opt for a tattoo removal you must always regard your skin expert to know the various possibilities for the same. There have been cases where people try to remove the tattoo all by themselves but their efforts go in vain. Their methods comprise of using tattoo removal creams, which often fail to get off the entire tattoo, while other methods consists of incisions and burning.

These methods not only fail to remove the tattoo effectively but also causes scars, pain or irritation on the skin, further aggravating the skin problems. One must also consider various components such as the colors used in the tattoo, their thickness and size while removing the tattoo. The only effective way to remove a tattoo is by consulting an expert skin doctor who will guide the individual in the best and safest possible way rather than experimenting on oneself and causing harm.

We use the most advanced and best in class lasers for tattoo reduction for fastest and safest removal of some cases we follow the r20 technique in which we do sessions every 20 minutes for faster results.

We may also combine our micro dermabrasion and co2 lasers if needed for some tattoos.

We are known for the fastest and safest removal of the tattoo ink.

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