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What is Skin Rejuvenation ?

Fractional Lasers work by interacting with the skin to produce Microthermal zones (MTZ) of injury and heat. A very intense beam of light is passed through the skin at the dermal level. The skin becomes very hot and stimulates the cells that produce collagen & elastin. Also the laser is attracted to coloured lesions like broken blood vessels or age spots. The treatment is approved by the FDA. The light produced by the laser is in the infrared end of the light spectrum as opposed to the ultraviolet end. This type of light is non-carcinogenic (non-cancer causing). Lasers have been used in the medical profession for over 15 years and no long-term side effects have been reported.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. As treatment settings vary according to individual skin types, so do the levels of discomfort. We are the only clinic to provide the option of a 20 % topical anaesthetic hence reducing the discomfort level. This will be discussed at your initial consultation. During your consultation we will assess the skin condition and plan a tailor-made program that will offer you the best results to suit your needs. On average we recommend a course of 4- 6 sessions, 3 – 4 weeks apart. Pigmented spots on the face, hands and back can be treated by the Skin World. Between the sessions, the use of a sunscreen SPF 30 and above is mandatory along with an antioxidant, vitamin A serum and oral antioxidants.

Older CO2 laser skin resurfacing effectively removed wrinkles but also thinned the skin. Because of the skin thinning, the post-resurfaced skin was more susceptible to sun injury.

Newer fractional laser skin resurfacing actually builds new collagen in the skin and thickens the skin. There should be no long term damage that could increase skin sensitivity to sun or other potentially damaging factors.

Non-ablative plumps the skin, ablative vaporizes damaged skin and plumps the skin.

  • Botox - This helps in reducing those fine lines and wrinkles reverse you skin age drastically. a meso or microbotox is also done to give that air brush appearance.
  • Fillers - There are injected into the specific areas required according to the areas needed to be targeted.they are gel like hyaluronic acid fillers which give an enhanced and younger look by lifting your skin up and creating pillars for the sagging skin.
  • HIFU - This is a noninvasive high intensity focussed ultrasound treatment for collagen remodelling and for a firmer and tighter skin appearance. this can be done on the body as well.
  • Thermage - This is another us-FDA approved treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle smoothening.
  • Aquagold Facials - This is another first by skin world. this is a procedure in whciha concoction ofbotox, fillers, prop, growth factors, etc. are infused into the skin with the help of fine needles. It is sought after treatment worldwide.
  • Kola Pen - This is a micro needle pen with which simultaneously hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin, helping in hydration and as well as collagen regenesis.
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