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Hair Transplantation – Questions & Answers
Why should one opt for SKINWORLD?

SKINWORLD is well equipped with latest and ultramodern state-of-the-art technology of international standards and there are world renowned super specialist surgeons of high skills and rich experience in hair transplantation procedure to provide you the best treatment at a competitively low cost.

Who can undergo this procedure?

Generally it depends upon the diagnosis. Mostly patients suffering from baldness that cannot be cured with medicines undergo this procedure. Before going for this procedure the patient has to disclose any other disease or medications that he/she is using.

One must have good number of hair follicles.Specific a pattern of hair loss, emotional distress, thin and receding hair line and hair density also determine the probability of this procedure.

Age also play important factor but not in all the cases. There are certain diseases like alopecia areata in which individuals own immunity system damages the hair follicles and in such a condition this treatment has no more significance.

What problems can occur if patient does not take proper treatment from professional and specialist doctor?

If one does not seek for professional advice and treatment it will create a bundle of problems such as scalp infections, allergies, formation of bumps, big scars, huge wastage of hair follicles, irregular hair growth, excessive bleeding and swelling etc. Hair growth from such a poor transplant by unskilled and inexperienced does not look natural.

What is the time period to expect the result of this procedure?

Generally, 6-12 months are sufficient to observe the effective result of this procedure.

What is the difference between Hair follicles and grafts?

Hair grows naturally in follicular units of one, two or three hair. One such group is called a graft that if extracted together grows in a very natural way.

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a procedure in which hair follicles from donor sites at back of head are removed surgically with great care. Removed follicles are harvested and transplanted in the bald area of scalp by our super specialist in correct angle and proper orientation so that hair follicles give rise to normal, healthy, permanent and natural hairs. Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgery performed by our highly skilled surgeons at SKINWORLD. Before carrying out this procedure our doctors at SKINWORLD make a thorough diagnosis. Local anesthesia is given to reduce pain or discomfort of procedure. Patient remains fully conscious and active during the procedure. Surgeons do prescribe some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines to prevent any infection and complication.

What is hair graft?

Hair graft is implantation of living tissue of skin especially dermis along with hair follicle. Hair follicles are removed surgically from donor site. Donor sites are present on the lower back side of head. Implantation of these healthy and living hair follicles is done in the bald area.

What is donor and recipient area of scalp?

Donor is the part of scalp from where hair follicles are removed and recipient area is that part scalp which is bald and hair follicles are transplanted into this area.

What are side effects of this procedure?

There is no known side effects of this procedure as such because of little use of medicines.

Are there any other benefits?

Hair transplant procedure can be used to increase the density of hairs. Moreover this procedure is also very helpful in maintaining the healthy hairline. The artistic planning of this procedure is further helpful in reducing the number of grafts and hence the cost of the procedure.

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