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What is Anti Ageing ?

"With the help of anti aging treatments you can achieve skin that has a more youthful appearance and emits a healthy glow, without the use of tons of cosmetic and beauty products. There are a number of different procedures and treatments that are available today, and the primary differences between them lies in what they aim to accomplish, the area they are targeting and the degree of treatment. "

  • Botox - This helps in reducing those fine lines and wrinkles reverse you skin age drastically. a meso or microbotox is also done to give that air brush appearance.
  • Fillers - There are injected into the specific areas required according to the areas needed to be targeted.they are gel like hyaluronic acid fillers which give an enhanced and younger look by lifting your skin up and creating pillars for the sagging skin.
  • HIFU - This is a non invasive high intensity focussed ultrasound treatment for collagen remodelling and for a firmer and tighter skin appearance.this can be done on the body as well
  • Thermage - This is another us-FDA approved treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle smoothening.
  • Aquagold Facials - This is another first by skin world.this is a procedure in whciha concoction ofbotox,fillers,prp,groth factors etc. are infused into the skin with the help of fine needles . It is sought after treatment worldwide.
  • Colla Pen - This is a micro needle pen with which simultaneously hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin helping in hydration and as well as collagen regenesis.

At Skin World we have our own protocol of meso botox or micro botox as well which helps in delivering the best and the quickest results for these conditions

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Before & After Anti Ageing Treatment At Skin World Pune