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What is Post Hair Transplant Instructions ?

Hair Transplant is a very delicate surgery. The adherence to some very basic postoperative care will definitely help yield good results. Most the things mentioned below do not require a lot of extra time outside your routine.. All you need to do is to just be little more conscious of the fact that you’ve undergone a surgery and this is more important as we at SKIN WORLD try to minimize any intra or post operative discomfort and patients sometimes tend to care less as they do not feel anything at all.

Day Zero of the surgery:

On discharge, you would be provided with a headband over the forehead region and a surgical cap.You should wear the cap for three days and can remove the cap at the time of spraying but it is advisable that you wear the headband continuously for the next 5 days. A spray bottle with a Normal Saline solution and beta dine solution is also prescribed to you on discharge. You need to spray the transplanted area with this solution starting from the day of the surgery.

For the first 2 days, you should spray over the transplanted area once every hour and then from Day 3 to Day 5 of the surgery, you should spray it at 2 hourly intervals.

There is no need to get up at night to spray during sleeping hours. You may use sterile water (bottled drinking water) once the Normal Saline solution provided is finished. Spraying is essential as it prevents scab formation and keeps the grafts hydrated. On the day of the discharge you should also start with the forehead massage. You are also advised to sleep on a flat surface or with a thin pillow for the next 5 days to prevent swelling over the forehead. It is advised not to wash your head for initial 7 days after the transplant.

On Day 7 after the surgery :

You can wash the donor area with water alone by pouring it gently from a mug over the non-transplanted part of the scalp so the water does not seep over the transplanted grafts. You can also block the flow of water partially with your other hand. Allow your hair to dry naturally, do not towel dry or blow-dry your hair.

On Day 14 :

You can wash your scalp using shampoo with water. Mix a coin size amount of the prescribed shampoo in a mug of water and pour it gently over your non-transplanted area of the head. You can partially block the flow of the water with your other hand so that the scalp is not subjected to strong, direct pressure. Rinse off any remaining soapy solution. Do not stand under a shower. Allow your hair to dry naturally, do not towel dry or blow-dry your hair.

On Day 20 :

The washing of the transplanted area is done as follows - First apply some aloe-vera gel gently on the transplanted area and keep it for 10 minutes to soften the crusts. Afterward, take a coin size amount of prescribed shampoo on your palm and lightly apply over the transplanted area with finger tips in a back to front direction making sure not to rub /scratch the area. Wash the shampoo by pouring some water on the head gently with the mug.

After the second shampoo wash at day 20 :

You can wash your hair regularly using the prescribed shampoo. The scabs should be removed gently at the time of each head wash as will be shown to you at the clinic. It is imperative that you DO NOT rub/scratch the transplanted area.

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