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What is Beard Transplant ?

In the simplest of terms, when a transplant is done in the area where a beard would be, it can be referred to as a beard transplant. However, a more detailed definition would be a procedure by which hair can be restored to the chin and cheek areas, where there might have been the loss of hair, due to medical or physical trauma.

The same procedure can also be used to make an existing beard look thicker and fuller. It is imperative though, that the transplant is done by an experienced professional, for the best results.

Men, looking to undergo a facial hair transplant, might be those who have:

  • Suffered from traction alopecia, which could have led to loss of hair
  • Other medical reasons such cancer or infections
  • Long standing conditions such as alopecia areata
  • Scarring caused by conditions such as folliculitis
  • Loss of hair, due to previously conducted transplant surgery or surgeries

For most men, hair is a sign of masculinity and for most men, losing hair is equivalent to losing their manhood. While hair does start sprouting for most men during their teenage years, there are some who are unable to enjoy a moustache or beard even after their teenage days are over and for most of them a facial hair transplant would be a great option.

If you want a new beard or are only looking at rejuvenating a beard that you already had, it is possible and the procedure is quite an uncomplicated one.

We at skin world follow the same strict protocols for hair transplant of the scalp as for the beard which ensures a doubtless result and surgery.

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