Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

We all( men & women ) lose some hair each day, and 60-100 strands a day is considered normal.

FUT or Strip Surgery

In this procedure, a strip of the scalp is removed and then hair grafts are removed from that piece.

Body Hair Transplant

Whether you are looking for a fuller head of hair or a lush beard, we can make it happen for you.

Giga - Sessions

In these we serve patients who are Grade IV or above of the baldness.

FUE Hair Trasplant

FUE or follicular unit extraction is one of the most modern and advanced methods of hair transplantation

Beard Transplant

In the simplest of terms, when a transplant is done in the area where a beard would be, it can be referred to as a beard transplant.

Facial Hair Transplant

Any facial hair, including eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, beard

Post Hair Transplant Instructions

Hair Transplant is a very delicate surgery. The adherence to some very basic postoperative care will definitely help yield good results.


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